Property Management


Politan is a full service property management company capable of handling all issues that arise. Our start to finish service includes:


Finding & Screening Tenants

As real estate brokers, we are experts at knowing the market, finding tenants, screening them and negotiating terms that maximize a properties potential.


Maintaining the Property

Work with building maintenance to pro-actively address issues that arise. We use data management systems to remind us when it is time for regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections.


Collecting Rent

We use electronic system to deposit rents and track records. Time is saved for the tenant and landlord. Records are organized and kept in the cloud.


Handling Issues That Arise

As a local property manager, we have staff to address needs on a 24/7 basis. Whether it’s a tenant’s question or a burst water pipe at 2AM, we will be there to squash any issues.



At the end of the year, a full breakdown of income and expenses sent to you in one simple, headache-free file. Forward to your CPA and you’re done!



Politan is a relationship based company. If you have any questions or concerns about your property or your tenants, we’re local to the area and are available to speak and meet anytime.

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