To bring a new standard of ethics and professionalism into the Chinese-American real estate markets.

To be a positive influence in the neighborhoods we work in by being active participants in the business communities and non-profit sectors.

To be the primary source for information regarding Chinese-American neighborhoods in New York City. By combining data from the real estate markets, business communities, non-profit sectors and government offices; we are able to have a deep understanding of the communities that we serve.


+ Commercial leasing

+ Investment sales

+ New development sales

+ Location and business consulting

+ Property Management

Who we are:

Politan Real Estate Group specializes in marketing flagship properties in Chinese-American neighborhoods throughout New York City. The neighborhoods we serve include but are not limited to Flushing Main St., 8th Avenue Brooklyn, Elmhurst & Manhattan.

We are highly active in these neighborhoods and love to donate time and resources to the business community, non-profit sector, and government agencies.

In exchange for helping the community, Politan has been able to develop an extensive network of clientele, as well as obtain a deep understanding of the business and cultural landscapes.

We use real time comps to analyze the market, understand the needs of the local businesses and are aware of political initiatives in our area. All of which serve to inform our clients so that they can maximize their investments whether it’s finding a location or cashing out on one.

We also understand that different demographics look to receive their information from different sources. Whether they are searching the internet, using social media or reading the newspaper, it is imperative that we know where the customers are and go to them.