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Our team members are professionals that promise to dedicate their effort to serve your real estate needs. We won't stop working until our job is completed. We are here to assist and give suggestions on a full list of service plans.

Our Promise

Residential Sales

Politan Real Estate represents buyers and sellers in their real estate residential transactions. We listen to clients' needs and work to achieve their best interest. We aim to get the job done efficiently, smoothly and, most importantly, to make our client satisfied.​ 

Homeownership means the improvement of the quality of life. Houses need personal touches to be called a home. The amount of work and effort put into your house will increase the property value and improve that quality of life. We can help prepare your home for sales. 

Marketing and Consulting

Politan Real Estate will customize your marketing plan and campaign for selling your property. We define the most efficient advertising channel to attract the target buyer utilizing the 5Ps: Product, Price, Packaging, Promotion, and Place.

We are the real estate business resource that you can count on. Consult us for the process of selling, buying, and investing in real estate.

Commercial and Business Sales

The Politan team are professional, experienced agents that can assist in commercial real estate transaction. Our team can help business owners sell their business and provide professional services for our business and building owners.

Property Management

For owners that have investment properties, we can help manage your properties. We can represent you; we can help market your property, screen tenants, sign lease agreement, collect rent and manage any property problems or answer any questions from the tenants. Visit our property management website