3901 Retail Leased!

The retail space at 3901 Main Street has been leased at full asking price! The store is located steps away from the 2nd busiest intersection in all of New York (second to Times Square). You can now find it, along with a few other properties, under our recently sold page. Lots in store with an exciting new shop opening up in 2018!

Flushing District Marketing Campaign Launch

Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, Flushing BID and AAFE Announce Flushing District Marketing Campaign

The Flushing District Marketing Campaign officially launches today, put together through the joint effort of community organizations Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, Flushing BID and AAFE. The campaign is supported by the New York neighborhood 360 program and NYC SBS, in order to increase tourism to Flushing from inside and outside the 5 boroughs. For more information, visit the Chamber's website at www.flushingchamber.nyc.

Sunnyside Yards Development FeasIbility

Sunnyside Yards Development

Today, the Queens Chamber of Commerce held a meeting about the Sunnyside Yards Development Feasibility. The plans are to build over the existing Amtrak and MTA/LIRR tracks to support residential and commercial property, the development being larger than Roosevelt Island. While there are no set plans to build anything, the development would prove to have a great effect on the surrounding areas. Click below for the PDF of the Executive Summary.

For more information about the plans, feel free to contact us.


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